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Bicycle High Rise & the Moving Mirror...So Fab!

On my way home from work today I saw a couple WEIRD things. Ok....I'm driving down Burbank Blvd just la-dee-da. Singing some randomness on the radio and rockin out like I always do...chillin at a red light...and then...BOOM! Bicycle High Rise comes cruising into vision!  WTH?!?! OMG!  I'm so excited!!!  Yes!  Someone crazier than me!!!  
But then...why the HELL is this guy riding a bike that's like the giraffe of bikes. And then the next thought, (you're already there, huh?!?) how in the HELLLLL did this dude mount this monster????
Did he have a running start? Does he have a little mini set of steps? And does he get OFFFFFF?????? Does he like to be up there to monitor traffic better? Oh Lordy Lord! So many questions and a green light. Bye bye odd bicycle man! Maybe you should think about a helmet homie!!!

Well, off I go thinking of all the things I need to do today. I get through traffic and on the freeway like the "normal" driver that I am. I ca…
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Flipper Offer Ticker Offer

I will share a secret of mine with you that I came across today. I have lovingly named my new secret technique..."the flipper offer ticker offer". Let me tell you why. When merging on the freeway this morning a girl 2 lanes over started merging into the same lane as I was headed. Well, evidently I was the A-hole for wanting to merge into her "claimed lane" so she sped passed me and flipped me off. 

At first my blood boiled and then I thought...she's the idiot..why am I pissed? So, as fate would have it, I came up next to her about 20 seconds later and she glared my way. As she turned to probably flip me the bird again and glare I began to laugh (mouth wide open) and pointed at her. 

I haven't seen a female turn this shade of reddish purple in quite a long time! It was fabulous!!! I believe I saw steam emanating from her pulsating brow!! Now I'm going to drive around trying to cause people to flip me off so I can try different versions of the flipper offer…


Hi! I'm so excited to have you here with me!! Just in case you didn't know...we are about to laugh and giggle at the randomness I see while driving all around God's green earth. Bring the craziness!!!